Two-dimensional stylized figures coexist with three-dimensional buildings in the transcendental housing landscapes of Marios Camhis.

The labyrinthine and monstrous external spaces of the imaginary megalopolises of the artist with complex building structures, combined with the systematic reference to the dizzying rhythm of everyday life, signal the forms of the pathogenesis of the modern way of life. Camhis illustrates the sensation of confinement, of impasse and generally of human vanity. Draws humans as mannequins of unspecified sex who live and work isolated in tiny spaces, alienated, trapped in real or imaginary dead ends. They move in spasmodic ways in last desperate attempts of escape.


Marios Camhis PhD

Born in Athens on 17/4/1946. Married with two children. Graduated from Athens College in 1965. Studied Architecture (1965 – 1970) at the National Technical University of Athens (Thomaides Prize). Continued his studies in London (1970-1972) at the Architectural Association (AΑ Dip Plan) and taught at the Planning Department (1972-1975).

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