at Gallery Genesis Athens
October 2021

Two-dimensional stylized figures coexist with three-dimensional buildings in the transcendental housing landscapes of Marios Camhis.

The labyrinthine and monstrous external spaces of the imaginary megalopolises of the artist with complex building structures, combined with the systematic reference to the dizzying rhythm of everyday life, signal the forms of the pathogenesis of the modern way of life. Camhis illustrates the sensation of confinement, of impasse and generally of human vanity. Draws humans as mannequins of unspecified sex who live and work isolated in tiny spaces, alienated, trapped in real or imaginary dead ends. They move in spasmodic ways in last desperate attempts of escape.


Από τα doodles στα τοπία πόλεων

Στην έκθεση του Μάριου Καμχή στην Ελληνοαμερικανική Ένωση

«Eική και ως έτυχε»

«Eική και ως έτυχε», ατομική εικαστική Eκθεση του Mάριου Kαμχή στην Γκαλερί «Xατζηκυριάκος-Γκίκας», Mασσαλίας, στις 13 Φεβρουαρίου 2017…

«O Φλεβάρης και αν φλεβίσει… σε εικαστική έκθεση θα μας στείλει», η δική μας απάντηση, μέσω λαϊκής παροιμίας, στον αρχαΐζοντα τίτλο της έκθεσης του Mάριου Kαμχή, το «Eική και ως έτυχε»,

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Disjointed Incrementalism

at Hellenic American Union Athens
February 2017
During meetings without interest, on the phone with an interlocutor who has many things to say, when you try to take a difficult decision, we tend to draw lines on any paper it happens to be in front of us.

This process is known as “doodling”, that is: to scribble, sketch … while thinking about something else. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or composed of random and abstract lines, thoughtless drawings done to relieve boredom.”

The Invisible Cities

at Gallery 24, Athens
November 2004
Despina…displays one face to the traveler arriving overland and a different one to him who arrives by sea…the camel-driver thinks of it as a vessel that will take him away from the desert…the sailor discerns the form of a camel’s withers….

I…am returning from Zirma: my memory includes dirigibles flying in all direction, at window level

The unification of the European territory


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Planning theory and philosophy

marios CAMHIS


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  • Why theory of planning and philosophy of science? —
  • Rational planning and verificationism —
  • Disjointed-incrementalism and falsificationism —
  • Mixed-scanning and the methodology of scientific research programmes —
  • Beyond objectivity and rationality —
  • Marxism —
  • epistemology and urbanism —
  • Future developments —
  • bourgeois versus Marxist planning theory.